New work and ‘nevertheless, she persisted’

This is just a little update on what I have been working on. Lots of different types of serving pieces, all one of a kind, as well as dinnerware.

I have also made quite a few of these ‘pussy heads’. I wanted to keep myself energized and remind me to make calls, write letters, anything I can do to make my positions known. These small ceramic kitties are to pass along to others, to help keep them energized also. I envision having lunch somewhere, and quietly leaving one on someones table. Giving them to friends, who will then pass along and keep momentum going. I encourage like minded people to make some and pass them along also. Or contact me if interested. 

New functional tableware

I have just loaded up the etsy shop with some new plates and platters! I just love all the texture and colors. I wanted to put a few smaller items out there as well, and thought the blog might be a good place for that. To purchase, send me an email at and  I can give you shipping information.

This plate  and the one below it are so unique. They are both 7 1/2” across, with a fun, food safe turquoise glaze. This one has a lighter colored edge to it. The bottom one is darker. I love them both! They would be perfect for food styling for all the food bloggers and photographers out there, or just for your own personal use. They are priced at $30 each.I also love these blue plates with all the texture on them. They are both 7” in diameter.

These beautiful blue beauties are priced at $28 each.

Email me if you are interested in purchasing.

New summer time hues and white with texture

Summer is in full swing and I have been busy making a new color palette that I think is just beautiful. Blue greens and turquoise colors – my homage to the sky and the water. The plates are made using high fire stoneware and I have been really enjoying this rustic brown color clay and leaving the edge exposed – I think it makes for a lovely contrast.




I just love this speckled light aqua. Reminds me a little of a robin’s egg. All the aqua and blue greens will be up on the etsy store in a day or so, so if you are interested, you can check it out there. Or of course you can contact me via email, or follow fiftyoneandahalf on instagram for all the latest updates.IMG_2243


IMG_2284 And just for fun, these three funky little teapots!

They each have their own personality and stand about 8” tall.


These are new plates I have also been working on. They have texture and then the random speckles. I think any type of food would look perfect on these. The are made from white stoneware. They will be on the etsy store soon, so keep checking if you are interested.IMG_2331

Black, white and texture

It seems that white is a popular color when it comes to photo styling for food. White is a perfect canvas for the beautiful presentation of gorgeous food. So as a response to a request for more white and more texture, the new pieces are now up on the fiftyoneandahalf etsy store. I LOVE them! I think they will be beautiful in any photo. They will not steal the show from the presentation, but they make  stand alone gorgeous pieces as well! And what would the white be without a some new black pieces to compliment them? Check out the shop!IMG_2275IMG_2276IMG_2313

Summer is heating up!

We have had the most brilliant spring and summer is right around the corner. It has been unseasonably warm and I have been very busy out in the studio. It has been so much fun to create new serving pieces and place settings! Lots of color and I love to mix and match the colors for a festive table that is a conversation piece as well. I have also been busy making lots of black and white place settings which will be showing up in the etsy store soon.

There is a crow nest in a nearby tree and they birds are scolding my cats when I let them out onto the balcony. You can see a wall installation I did of blackbirds that I think looks really interesting.

As usual, all pieces are hand made, so no two are exactly alike. All are made from stoneware, which means they are meant to be used and are food safe. I have tried to price things in the etsy store so that a small heart attack is not experienced if it were inadvertently broken by little hands or an excited puppy!

Happy summer dining!


Spring colors abound!

It seems that everywhere I look, pink and green is in full bloom on trees and flowers here in the PNW. Those are two of my favorite colors, so I decided to make a collection of tableware in those colors. I am so pleased with how they turned out. The plates look fabulous together and would brighten any table! They are all available in the etsy store at

spring table art

It is no secret that I am an avid gardener. I just harvested a big bushel of leeks that have been over wintering. I have oodles of cilantro and kale, as well as chard and several varieties of lettuce. The chives are so pretty right now, almost ready to flower, I thought they would look really beautiful on the pink platter.

platter with chives

To show you how pretty the colors look together, I stacked the plates together. I love them!!stacked plates


You can also follow me on instagram to see new items and where some of my inspiration comes from.

A preview of the ‘soft white’ collection

Winter is waning – at least in some parts of the country – and signs of spring are popping up all around my neighborhood. Lots of delicate white blooms. Much of my color inspiration comes from nature and this new collection which will launch next week is no exception. Creamy white serving pieces – there are 18-20 pieces and they will be offered through the etsy store at

Each piece is handmade by me in my studio, fired twice to stoneware temperature which make them very durable and functional. Being hand formed and shaped, no two will be exactly alike. Curves and bumps are intentionally left, and contribute to the handmade feel and not a production piece. Two delicate, tiny flowers are impressed into each piece, reminding me of the upcoming season and new beginnings.

Detail of 'soft white' plates

Detail of ‘soft white’ plates

Hello again!

stacked scalloped plates
It has been a while since I have been in the blogosphere and I am now returning with a new venture. I am very excited to share that I have been busy making ceramic serving pieces and started a small business called fiftyoneandahalf. I will be sharing what I am making about once every two or three weeks, along with the inspiration behind the new collections. Each collection will be made up of 20-22 unique pieces. They will be available for sale through my etsy shop, fiftyoneandahalf, and will also be able to be seen on instagram (fiftyoneandahalf) and of course Facebook and this blog.
Please sign up to receive the regular posts and ‘like’ me on Facebook as well – I would be appreciative of all the help to spread the word. Today I am posting two photos of past work, just to give you an idea…….
Hope to see you in here in a few short weeks.
colored bowls